Medal of Honor Warfighter is an impressive multiplayer shooter with tight controls, an arsenal of weapons and modes, teamwork-promoting two-man fire teams, and an array of cool elite fighters from nations around the world. The problem is this stalwart Warfighter is also skilled in the art of shooting itself in the foot. Game-derailing bugs that should have been squashed long before launch make Warfighter's multiplayer more frustrating than fun.
Every time I died in multiplayer, there was a roughly 10% chance respawn wouldn't work properly. I've respawned in below-the-map limbo, with nothing to do but watch as my Navy SEAL slow-motion spirals into the abyss. Other times I've appeared outside of the designated "combat zone," boots cemented to the ground as a warning timer ticks down to my unavoidable death. The very worst respawn bug puts me in a strange prison. The first time it happened, I simply thought I was in a part of the map I didn't recognize. It was a sizable area, with a couple different paths to go down, but each was completely blocked off from the rest of the level (and other players) in some way -- a barbed-wire fence, felled tree, or an impenetrable wall of ugly jungle. My only exit was to fall on my own grenade -- a terrifying and depressing metaphor for modern warfare if I ever heard one.

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