Facebook lets you upload unlimited text, photos and videos, but until October 2010 there was no easy way to transfer all of your content back to your hard drive for local archival purposes. In a blog post entitled "Giving You More Control" Facebook President and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new feature whereby you could download the entire contents of your Facebook profile as a .zip file. The download gives you back every non-deleted item you ever posted to Facebook publicly or privately, including your profile bio, status updates, Wall posts, images, videos and private messages both sent and received.

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Facebook has turned on profile searching. So anyone can find someone's profile by searching them. Search can be made by email address or name. Now several search engine has also started this feature. As a result you can find someone's Facebook profile by search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.The main thing is you can control is show your profile is searchable or not in search engine?

To do so 
1) Click Account
2) Click Privacy Settings
3) Click Edit Your Settings ( Under Applications and Websites )
4) Click Edit Settings from the Public Search Box

Facebook is the biggest social networking website in the web. Is it only a social networking website? Obviously the answer is no. Facebook has been using as a Online marketing or promoting website also.You might have seen this activity. Now I am going to tell you how toImport a Blog Feed to the Facebook. It can be a WordPress Blog, Blogger Blog, Ty-pad blog etc. To do this, simply follow the following steps--
1) Log in to your Facebook Account.
2) Click Account
3) Click Application Settings
4) Click Notes
5) From the Note Settings , Click Import a Blog. 
6) Copy your Blog Feed URL and paste it into WEB URL box, check the box below the URL box
7) Click Submit. You have successfully imported your blog in Facebook.
8) After submitting the your blog feed, you will be prompted to confirm Facebook for automatic updates of your notes when you submit a new blog post. Click the confirm button. You are done. Now when you update 
your blog, your notes will be updated automatically.