Electronic Arts‘ digital distribution platform, Origin, seems to be growing in popularity, at least with publishers. It announced today that games from Capcom, THQ, and Warner Bros. will soon be added to Origin, marking the first time a non-EA game has appeared on the service.

Of course, with Saints Row: The Third and Batman: Arkham City being the only games named in Electronic Arts’ press release, it’ll be a little while before we start seeing third party games show up on Origin frequently. Once it gets the ball rolling with Saints Row: The Third and Batman: Arkham City, however, Electronic Arts promises that “additional titles,” will be added in the coming months.

If it wasn’t obvious before, it’s clear now that Electronic Arts is definitely trying to compete withSteam. It has secured its first three publishers to put their games up on Origin, but Origin has a long way to go if EA wants it to compete with the offerings on Steam.

Then again, with Electronic Arts pulling its newer releases from Steam pretty much entirely, the absence of games like Battlefield 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic might convince the Steam-using majority to give Origin another look. Of course, Steam is know for its daily, midweek, and weekend deals, so until Electronic Arts decides to be a little more deal-friendly, I’m not sure it’ll be getting many regular customers with Origin.

What do you think – will Origin catch on with the PC gaming public, or will Electronic Arts find its platform without that many regular customers? Do you think that once we see more publishers embracing Origin, Electronic Arts might decide to put its game back up on Steam? Head down to the comments section to share your thoughts and keep it tuned here to TFTS for more information about third party publishers putting their games on Origin!

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