We started playing  Drakensang The River of Time a couple of days ago and when we first heard the in game dialogue we thought to ourselves, “Oh great this game is gonna suck big-time”, but we had just paid 19.99 via steam for it and we were determined to give it a few hours at least, despite the very bad voice overlaying. Well a few hrs into it things were getting better much better, the dialogue improved the graphics are unbelievable and the characters are in a word like-able.

There is however one beef that we have with this game and it’s the lack of direction, this game is open ended to the point that we have found ourselves multiple times standing there wandering what to do next without a clue or something in the storyline to lead us in the appropriate direction. This is a problem because, if you miss some quests and then move on in the story line, you cannot go back and do those quests, and you can also easily find yourself thinking that you are moving on in the game and end up in some very hairy situations that you have no business being in because you are not nearly ready level wise! ie. Zant  and more so The Grab Beast. I don’t know how many frustrating times I have reached an area via quests, thinking that I am progressing in the right direction only to discover after I have had my arse handed to me in my hat that “huh? what just happened? why did I just get pwned like that’? what I am doing wrong? where should I be going then?” Shortly thereafter realizing that I am to low level to take that area on at this point, but then where should I be going then?

So I set out to find quests with no direction as to where they might be and discover like I mentioned above that I can no longer do some of those quests and the ones that I can contribute very little to increasing my level. So I wonder about finding low level quests to gain a couple of levels and stock up on potions and supplies. When ready and with a new found confidence of my kick arse abilities I head back to where a couple of my levels back I got pwned to exact some revenge only to get  pwned again and again left wondering “huh? what just happened? why did I just get pwned like that’? what I am doing wrong? where should I be going then?” And again there is no real direction to lead me.

We are going to update this post as we continue playing Drakensang The River of Time as it’s good points out weight what we believe is a lack of direction.

*Update: We have been able to do some back tracking and do some of the quests that we had missed earlier do to the lack of direction we have experienced in this game so far. How were we able to even find these quests? We just wondered around the town and surrounding areas and talked to anyone that had a name other then townsperson.

If you have  had a similar experience with this game or if you totally disagree with me, please leave a comment.

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