Most Android users are eagerly awaiting for the Ice Cream Sandwich Android version to be released. One hacker-designer couldn’t wait much longer so he went about designing his own theme bring some conceptual Ice Cream Sandwich features to his own homescreens.

This guy put some work into making this theme with aspects he thinks ought to be included in Ice Cream Sandwich. The theme is called Nite UI and makes use of some design inspiration from the new Android Market and the Google Voice widget. It’s got a minimalistic look going but still stylin’ though.

Don’t begin thinking you can just download a file and apply it to your phone somehow. This thing you’ve got to put together yourself one widget or element at a time. The creator (@AndroidAtNight on Twitter) was nice enough to post step-by-step instructions which hopefully will come out looking similar on your phone. Looks really cool either way.

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