Give Ford credit for making the rounds on this one; they may not have actually sent their new Ford Evos out to the IFA show in Berlin, but they did send their Chief Technology Officer out to talk it up. And what he had to say about it was impressive enough in its own right.

Basically, what separates the Ford Evos from most other cars is not its fuel performance, but rather that it’s the first car to be “connected to the cloud”, or, have a continuous access to data storage. One of the key things about this cloud connection, or so Ford’s CTO Paul Mascarenas mentioned, is that it would learn your preferences and respond accordingly, almost like a car that has cookies.

For instance, in the Ford Evos, it might remember your favorite style of music, and access it when you drive. Or it may adjust the car’s performance according to your particular driving style, altering things like suspension and braking. It may even be able to go sufficiently far as to monitor your heart rate and temperature and then make adjustments in the car accordingly.

Personally, I find myself of two minds on this one. While I love a device that’s capable of performing multiple tasks at once, and this one definitely looks like the kind of Swiss Army device that makes me very happy, I can’t help but look at it and think that this is just more possibilities for things to go wrong. And when it comes to a car, losing one function is often enough to lose most of the others, including the all too important one of driving. And what happens when the car goes into the used market? Do you wipe the cloud clean and start afresh?

So what do you guys think about the Ford Evos? Sound like a good idea, or an invitation to trouble? No matter how you feel about this one, head on down to the comments section and let us know just what you think about it.

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