It’s only been a few hours since our own Chris Smith brought word on the announcement of the upcoming, and hotly anticipated, iPhone 5. But there’s a new and disturbing report making the rounds that delays at the production level may well prevent the full release of the iPhone 5 until as late as 2012.

There were reports that, about a week ago, Foxconn was churning out fully one million iPhone 5 units every seventh day, but now the reports are positing that those weren’t actually iPhone 5 units, but rather possibly iPhone 4s units, and the actual production of iPhone 5 models has been significantly slower. This is actually more in line with earlier reports that said Foxconn was having a tough time assembling iPhone 5 models as they were markedly more complex than their predecessors, supplemented by reports that the iPhone 5 may be a wildly different animal from its earlier version as well.

This likely won’t affect the actual launch of the iPhone 5, however, as Apple can issue a formal announcement–for a change–on any product any time it pleases, especially if the iPhone 5 launch turns into more of a “hey look what we’ve got and we’re taking preorders on right now” sort of affair. But what is more likely to happen is a staggered launch with plenty of shortages while the iPhone 5 gets properly tooled up and ready to rock. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4s, complete with pay as you go options, is more likely to see a full launch and be much more widely available as it’s said to be a lot more similar to the iPhone 4.

Again, as is the case with any story that comes out about a product that doesn’t exist yet, you have to take it with a grain of salt, or once again, your official Apple Rumor Salt Lick. We’ll likely find out either way, as reports of a launch in the next few weeks are still holding true to form.

So what do you guys think? A ploy on Apple’s part to drive up demand? Or is the iPhone 5 really going to be a tough one to find? Either way, we want to hear what you think down in the comments section!

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