Tal.ki forums support BBCode as a markup language in posts so that you can make your text bold, colored, or add emoticons.  Just by adding BBCode tags before and after a phrase of text, such as [b]...[/b] for bold, or [color=red]...[/color] for red text. Where the ... would be bold or red text respectively.

[b]bold text[/b]
[url=http://example.com]Example Link[/url] 
[quote="username"]quoted text[/quote]
 [list] [*]item 1 [*]item 2 [*]item 3[/list]
 [size=200%]larger text[/size] 
 [color=red]Red Text[/color]
 [center]Centered Text[/center]
 [code]computer code as monospaced text[/code]
 [embed]http://youtubed.com/somevideo[/embed] (Embeds a flash or video file into the post)
 [p]Starts a new paragraph[/p]

Remember to include the tag at the start of a section, and close the end of the tag with the [/....] parameter.

  •  :) -or- :smile:
  •  :D -or- :grin:
  •  ;) -or- :wink:
  •  :p -or- :razz:
  •  :'( -or- :cry:
  •  :( -or- :sad:
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