Facebook lets you upload unlimited text, photos and videos, but until October 2010 there was no easy way to transfer all of your content back to your hard drive for local archival purposes. In a blog post entitled "Giving You More Control" Facebook President and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new feature whereby you could download the entire contents of your Facebook profile as a .zip file. The download gives you back every non-deleted item you ever posted to Facebook publicly or privately, including your profile bio, status updates, Wall posts, images, videos and private messages both sent and received.

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                                                                  things you'll need:
                                                                      Facebook profile
    • Log in to your Facebook account on the Facebook homepage (see Resources).

    • Click the "Account" button in the upper-right corner and select "Account Settings" from the drop-down menu that appears.

    • Scroll down to the "Download Your Information" section and click "learn more."

    • Read the download page and click the green "Download" button.

    • Confirm that you want to download your Facebook profile by clicking the second green "Download" button.

    • Click "Done" and wait for Facebook to prepare a .zip file of your Facebook account. In a few minutes, Facebook will email you a link to claim your download.

    • Check your email for the download notification email from Facebook and click the link in that email.

    • Enter your password and click "Continue."

    • Click the green "Download Now" button once more. Select the folder on your hard disk where you would like your Facebook information to be saved and click "Open."

    • Wait a few minutes for the download to finish.

Tips & Warnings
  • You will receive your Facebook information in the form of HTML files, image files and video files. The HTML files contain all text-based information. You can read those files by opening them in a Web browser. You do not need to be online.

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